What are the Advantages of Google Ads?


Google Ads is a platform developed by Google, where businesses and individuals can pay to promote short advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users on the most popular search engine. Digital marketing offers several advantages over traditional forms of advertising such as TV and radio – most notably its ability to reach a target audience in a cost-effective way.

What Happened to Google AdWords?

Google changed the name of its advertising platform from Google AdWords to Google Ads in 2018.

This was done to make it easier for users to understand the system since many weren’t familiar with the technical terminology associated with Google AdWords.

While the name may not be Google AdWords anymore, the system is essentially the same. Google Ads work with a pay-per-click model (PPC), which means you will only pay for your ad when someone clicks on it.

You can also use this platform to launch search, display, and video campaigns to reach potential customers online.

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform created by Google to allow businesses of all sizes to create ads that appear on the search engine results page (SERP). It enables users to define what type of content they want their ads to display in relation to certain keywords or topics within different ad groups.

The goal of Google Ads is to connect businesses with future customers who are in the market for their product or service. By optimizing your campaigns, you can maximize the efficiency of your ad spend and increase your return on investment (ROI).

How to Use Google Ads

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Using Google Ads, you create campaigns based on your goals and budget. You can target specific audiences by their demographics, interests, or location.

After setting up your campaign, you’ll have an ad that appears at a certain ad rank when someone searches for a specific keyword relevant to your business and services.

Landing Page

When someone interacts with your ad, they’ll be taken to a landing page where they will learn more about what you offer or take action like signing up for an email list or making a purchase. Your ad is only charged when someone clicks through and visits your website, so there’s no risk of spending money on Google ads that don’t produce results.

Google Ads also offers tools to track conversions, measure performance, and optimize campaigns. This helps you get the most out of your budget while ensuring that you reach your goals.

The Benefits of Google Ads

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1. Reach The Right Audience:

With Google Ads, you can identify and target your ideal customers by age, gender, location, interests, and any other criteria that are important to you. By using this data to focus on the most relevant audience for your product or service, you’ll be able to maximize the ROI from your ad spend.

2. Flexibility:

Google Ads provides a variety of formats that allow you to choose how your ad will be displayed on the search engine results page (SERP). From text ads, to video, shopping and display ads, you can select the format that best suits your budget and goals.

3. Cost-Effective:

With Google Ads, you only pay when someone clicks your Google ad. This means that you can control the amount of money spent on each campaign and ensure that your budget is being used effectively.

4. Measurable Results:

Your Google Ads account gives you access to detailed analytics about your ad campaigns, so you can see how effective they are at driving traffic, conversions, and sales. This allows you to adjust your Google Ads campaign as needed and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your advertising budget.

Also, Google Ads offers native integration with their Google Analytics platform, so all of your data can be linked and found in one convenient place.

5. Increased Brand Awareness:

Google Ads can help increase brand awareness by displaying a variety of ads with different messaging, visuals, and calls to action on multiple platforms. This increases the chances that potential customers will be exposed to your brand and remember it when they are ready to make a purchase.

Main Types of Google Ads

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Google Search Ads

These are the ads that appear at the top of the search engine results pages, making it easy for users to find your business quickly. You can also add ad extensions to your google search ads, such as a map location or contact number.

Google Shopping Ads

This is a type of ad designed specifically for e-commerce businesses that want to showcase their products in the form of an interactive image ad.

Google Display Ads

These are banner and visual ads that appear on various websites and apps across the web. They’re a great way to reach larger audiences and drive more traffic to your website.

Video Ads

If you want to create more engaging content, then these ads are a great option. They can be used on YouTube or other Google partner sites like Gmail and the Google Display Network.

App Ads

If you want to promote mobile applications, then app ads are the way to go. They’re designed to be shown on phones and tablets, helping you reach users who may be interested in your app.

Smart Ads

Smart Ads are automated campaigns that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize your performance. They’re a great option if you want to save time on managing your campaigns.

Discovery Ads

If you want to reach potential customers who may not be actively looking for your product or service, then Discovery Ads are a great choice. They’re designed to appear as banner ads in the Google Discover feed and on YouTube Homepages, rather than the Google search engine.

Ways Businesses Can Use Google Ads

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Google Ads can be used for a variety of purposes and is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Here are some ways that you can use Google Ads to advance your business goals:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Google Ads allows you to reach out to potential customers who may not have heard of your business before. You can create ads that encourage users to follow or like your business page, sign up for newsletters, or learn more about what you offer, ultimately increasing business visibility.

2. Improve Lead Generation & Conversion Rates

Google Ads can help drive traffic to your business website which can lead to increased leads and conversions. You can reach your targeted audience with relevant content so that they are more likely to take action when seeing your ad.

3. Stay Ahead of the Competition

By using Google Ads, you can stay ahead of your competitors and ensure that your business is seen by potential customers before they see your competitors’ ads. This can give you a competitive edge in the market and help you to gain new customers.

4. Reduce Over the Phone Sales

Using Google Ads, you can provide information to future customers that may reduce the amount of over the phone sales and support needed. You can create ads that provide helpful information about your products/services or link to web pages with further answers to any questions they might have. This allows customers to find what they need without having to call in for help.

5. Reduce Wasted in Person Time

Google Ads can also help to reduce the amount of time spent in person with potential customers. You can create online ads that direct website traffic to a landing page or even directly to your product/service page, allowing you to close sales quickly and efficiently, without meeting face to face.

6. Meet Business Objectives

Google Ads can help you to effectively reach your business goals and objectives. By optimizing your Google Ads campaigns, tracking results, and making informed decisions on what works best for your business, you can ensure that you are staying on track to meet your larger business goals.

Are Google Ads Right For You?

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Google Ads can be a great tool for businesses of all sizes, but it is important to consider if it’s the right choice for your specific industry and goals. Google Ads are generally best used by businesses that have an established budget, have experience with search engine optimization, and know what their main objectives are.

If you’re unsure if this type of advertising will work for your business, then it may be worth consulting with a professional like KOVA TEAM who can help you make an informed decision.

Overall, Google Ads can be a powerful tool in helping you reach new customers and increase the visibility of your business online. It offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness, measurable results, and increased brand awareness - all qualities that any business can benefit from.

With some research, careful planning, and strategic optimization, you can use Google Ads to launch an ad campaign and take your business to the next level.


Google Ads is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can be used to reach the right audience, increase brand awareness, and generate measurable results at a cost-effective rate.

If you’re looking for an effective way to promote your business or a platform to develop your marketing strategies, Google Ads is definitely worth considering.

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