David Kovalevich - CEO & Founder
CEO & Founder

David Kovalevich

David Kovalevich, the Founder and CEO of KOVA, is a visionary with a strong passion to transform the digital marketing landscape. A 2020 graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Software Development, David combines his technical expertise with a commitment to transparency, integrity, and results-driven strategies. As a man of faith, he carries his love for God into every aspect of his work, embodying the principle of being true to one's word. His goal is not just to succeed in the realm of digital marketing, but to revolutionize it, infusing it with honesty and ethical practices that reflect his steadfast belief in upholding Godly values.


Bachelors In Software Development

Skills & Specializations

Front & Back-End Coding

Role at Kova

CEO, SEO Expert, Client Relations

Personal Interests

Football, Coffee, & Fitness