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Client Pro Superior Construction
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01. Introduction

Pro Superior Construction, a leading player in the construction industry, partnered with Kova Team in late 2022 with a specific goal: to enhance their digital presence and boost their website traffic. Over the course of a year, Kova Team has transformed Pro Superior Construction's online visibility, leading to unprecedented growth in website traffic and impressive search engine rankings.

02. Challenge

When we started working with Pro Superior Construction, their website was only attracting an average of 53 visitors per month. They also had a low authority score of 8 according to SEMRush, and they were struggling to rank on Google for their key siding keywords.

Website Traffic & Authority Score Before SEO

Google search console displaying siding companies traffic of 53 before SEO
SEMRush authority score for Pro Superior Construction in January 2023 before we began SEO

03. Solution

Kova Team began by redesigning and developing Pro Superior Construction's website, which was launched in early 2023. We then initiated an SEO campaign on February 1st, 2023, focusing heavily on improving the site's authority score and its ranking for siding keywords both locally and nationally.

04. Results

Within 11 months, we saw a staggering 8,975.47% increase in website traffic, growing from 53 monthly visitors to 4,810. Our efforts also paid off in terms of search engine rankings: Pro Superior Construction now ranks on page #1 of Google for their siding keywords both locally and nationally.

Pro Superior Construction's currect traffic cost is worth $16,000+ (Updated Feb 2024)
According to SEMRush

According to SEMRush, our client's authority score has increased from 8 to 30. Data from SEMRush also indicates that our current traffic as of Decemember 24th, 2023 is estimated to be worth $14,600. Currently, Pro Superior Construction is ranking for 4.7k keywords, a testament to our successful SEO efforts.

Website Traffic & Authority Score After SEO

Google search console displaying siding companies traffic of 4,810 after SEO
SEMRush authority score for Pro Superior Construction in November 2023 after we began SEO

Strategic Approach to Quality Link Building

In our mission to bolster Pro Superior Construction's online standing, we crafted a comprehensive link-building strategy that was rooted in quality over quantity. Our approach included guest posting, utilizing expired domains, and creating engaging blog content. We started with only 35 backlinks and 15 referring domains, but through our focused efforts, these numbers grew remarkably to 1195 backlinks and 324 referring domains.

Guest Posting, Expired Domains, Content Creation & More.

Guest posting allowed us to tap into the audiences of established blogs in the construction industry, while purchasing expired domains gave us the opportunity to recover valuable backlinks. Moreover, writing informative and relevant blog posts helped us attract organic backlinks from other websites.

However, we didn't just aim for more links; we prioritized gaining links from trustworthy, high-authority websites. This focus on quality helped us boost Pro Superior Construction's authority score from 8 to 30, a critical factor in achieving higher search engine rankings. It's important to note that there are many websites with ten times the number of our backlinks, yet their authority scores hover at 2 or less due to their focus on quantity rather than quality. This case study clearly demonstrates the power of well-planned, quality-focused link-building strategies in improving online visibility and authority.

Know your SEO Score!

Dominating Local Search

Pro Superior Construction has made a significant impact on local search results, particularly in Sacramento, CA. We are proud to report that our strategic SEO efforts have resulted in a page #1 ranking for siding keywords in this region.

While the image below highlights our success in Sacramento specifically, it's important to note that our reach extends far beyond this city. We diligently target every local city that Pro Superior Construction serves, ensuring high visibility and rankings across a broader geographical scope. To achieve this, we have dedicated pages for each city, meticulously optimized with relevant content and local keywords. This hyper-local approach has been instrumental in driving our client's digital success and enhancing their online presence in all areas they serve.

05. Conclusion

Our partnership with Pro Superior Construction demonstrates the power of effective web design and strategic SEO. By focusing on these areas, we've been able to significantly increase our client's online visibility, leading to higher website traffic and improved search engine rankings.

As we continue our efforts, we look forward to further strengthening Pro Superior Construction's digital presence and helping them achieve even greater success.